February 2016 -  The flint michigan water drive 

  Sista's fulfillling dreams in collaboration with Musician Nate lucas and community activist Eddie gibbs


Sherry, Tanya, Stephanie, Clarice,Charnell, Shaffree , Ronnie & Jennie

                                          SISta's Fulfilling dreams  
       Yolanda Fredericks, Debbie Crum Johnson, Jeannie campbell,             lorraine emerson, and lisa newby (picture not shown).

2016- Christmas at jacobi hospital

SFD with Eddie mateus from ricardo steak house & musician nate lucas and friend


Batter Couture Cakes

Our Journey To Flint

​October 2016

 Sfd 3rd annual wig it for cancer event at bellevue hospital

Water Donations 


Corey woods - YEroc Eyeware, ashley NAOMI -Photographer, Nate lucas- musician &
SFD (Lisa Newby, debbie johnson, yolanda fredericks & lorraine emerson - picture not shown)

2016 - Events

​Make an impact. Build your legacy. Pay it forward and transform your community.

2016- Thanksgiving with our seniors

Eyeware by COREY WOODS
Sista's fulfilling dreams lend a helping hand to the wild aces motorcycle club distributing christmas cheer to the children in the hospital.

A  wig was donated in the loving memory of Annette Smith, Cassilda Fredericks,  Alberta Crawley, Ella Graham, Linda Griffin, Victoria A. Gordon, Brandi J. Brice, Tina Ridley,   Stephanie Jones,  Louise Denson, Thelma Smalls, Diane Pinnock and Regina Cusack. ​​

A wig was donated in honor of Vernell Johnson and Barbara Warner. .

A few winners from sfd wig it for cancer raffle

Charnell & Shaffree

Chic Styles Studio

blink pink Breast cancer awareness brunch Affair & Fundraising event

(the julien management group, ricardo steak house, ashley naomi photography & yeroc Eyewear - corey woods)


NatE  Lucas, Lorraine Emerson and Eddie Gibbs


our volunteer ANGELS



​Candiez Events

Julissa & Georg - Jovi Hair Suite