Sista’s Fulfilling Dreams (SFD) is a charitable organization that was organized to uplift and support men, women and children within  our communities.  Sista’s Fulfilling Dreams is a 501(c)(3) Not for Profit Organization that was founded in April 2014 by a group of passionate women (Lorraine Emerson,       Lisa Newby, Debbie Crum Johnson and Yolanda Fredericks) who grew up in the New York City Housing Authority in Harlem, New York  and decided to embark on the road of philanthropy to impact members of society. 

Sista’s Fulfilling Dreams inspiration and motivation has led us to aid members of our community and across New York City regardless of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds. SFD strive to empower and build the self-esteem of those we help. Our commitment to public service has created a platform for people to volunteer and give back to individuals and groups within New York City, demonstrating that people do care about their fellow man.

Since our inception, Sista’s Fulfilling Dreams have explored ways to inspire family and friends to pay it forward and assist in aiding and healing our community.  SFD have worked with community hospitals to uplift the spirit of children who were hospitalized and to empower women with Cancer during our Annual Wig it for Cancer Event.  Believing in the education of our young adults, SFD have awarded high school seniors going to college with one- time college jump start grants to assist with transportation, books or college dormitory kits to give parents a helping hand. In addition, Sista’s Fulfilling Dreams have host Thanksgiving Dinner Events for seniors to show homage and gratitude to the seniors who have paved the way and impacted our community to make it a better place.  In March 2016 SFD and friends responded to the water crises in Flint Michigan by distributing water to the families of Flint. These are just a few of many endeavors that Sista’s Fulfilling Dreams will take part in and we encourage our family, friends, colleagues and other community organizations to get involved.

What do we want you to know about our organization?  Sista's Fulfilling Dreams are women of integrity organized to uplift, support and fulfill the dreams of men, women and children of all ages within our community, and in doing this we hope to transform lives and our communities one day at a time.